Percussion Discussion Afrika started in 1997 as the result of one man's dream: already an established percussionist and songwriter, Herman Ssewanyana, famously known as Omwana We Nsenene. Though renowned for his conga playing with dance-hall giants the 'Afrigo Band,' his musical roots lie far from the nightclubs of Uganda's big cities. Ssewanyana's first instruments were not the congas, but the nankasa; mpuunyi; namunjoloba and engalabi - traditional drums played by the tribal peoples of the East African country, Uganda for centuries. Sadly, these instruments (along with Ugandan traditional harps, flutes, fiddles, and xylophones) are rarely heard. But now with Percussion Discussion Afrika, Ssewanyana brings them back from obscurity straight onto the world stage.nnnPercussion Discussion Afrika introduced a new sound on the Ugandan music scene, creating a unique identity with a sound of their own. Their performance is driven by folk drum beats, accompanied by several melodic instruments, and bringing the sound of melodic drums at the forefront. n